Robust Amplification
for Commercial Use

DM Commercial Audio’s 80-Watt Mixer Amplifier Delivers Reliable Audio Performance and Control

80-Watt Mixer Amplifier – $269.99 MSRP

Master Your Soundscape: Unleashing the Power, Precision, and Durability of DM Commercial Audio’s 80-Watt Mixer Amplifier

Seamless Integration

With the DM 80-watt Mixer Amplifier, every sound travels smoothly. Regardless of the source, be it two MIC inputs, two AUX inputs, or EMC output, every audio connects with precision, phantom power, and prioritized muting.

Beyond Power

Handling 4-16 ohm loads or the built-in 70V/100V for multi-zone outputs, the DM 80-watt Mixer Amplifier is more than an amplifier. It’s a powerful heart driving your commercial audio systems with 80 watts of robust energy.

Industrial-Strength Durability

Constructed for continuous commercial use, the DM 80-watt Mixer Amplifier braves the long-haul. With an aluminum alloy faceplate, intelligent cooling fan, and automatic protection, it’s built to outlast.

Control in Your Hands

Your sounds, your rules. Customize to your heart’s content with individual control knobs for input volumes, bass, treble, and master volume. And with muting, MIC 1 reigns supreme.

Discover the 80-Watt Mixer Amplifier

Enhance Your Business Ambience with DM Commercial Audio’s 80-Watt Mixer Amplifier


The DM 80-watt Mixer Amplifier isn’t simply another amplifier on the market. It’s a game-changer that transforms perceptions about what robust audio is capable of. Flexible, adaptable, and scalable, this device opens up a new world of audio performance and control.

Let the DM 80-watt Mixer Amplifier become your trusted partner in delivering extraordinary sound. This isn’t merely an amplifier. It’s an enduring promise of quality, making your commercial audio systems not just sound great but also work seamlessly in the long-run.

80-Watt Mixer Amplifier – Specifications



Rated Power

80 Watts

Speaker Output Mode

Low Impedance: 4-16 Ohms
Line Voltage: 70 Volt (61 Ohms) or 100
Volt (125 Ohms)

Microphone Inputs

MIC1/MIC2: 600 Ohms (10mV)
Connector: XLR and 6.35mm Plug Types

Aux Inputs

RCA: 10k ohms @ 200-470mV,

Line Output

Single RCA Connector: 0.775V (0dB)

Frequency Response

60Hz – 5kHz (±3dB)


<1% at 1kHz,1/3 rated power



Tone Adjustment

Bass:100 Hz (±10 dB), Treble:10k Hz
(±10 dB)

Mute Sensitivity

MIC1 overrides MIC2/AUX1 /AUX2 with
0-30 dB attenuation


Volume, Tone, Mute, Power


Signal, Clip, Protection, Power

AC Power Supply

AC120V / 60Hz

AC Fuse


Power Consumption



2.8”(H) x 11.8”(W) x 7.5”(D) inches
[71mm(H) x 300mm(W) x 191mm(D)


11.4 lbs. (5.20kg)

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